The North Country I know


Now that election night is behind us, there are two words I just can't seem to say enough.

Thank you.

We came up short in our election, and I'm disappointed. It was a tough race from the start, and we just weren't able to pull ahead.

Nonetheless, I'm proud of our campaign; I'm proud of you; and I'm proud of everyone who stood with me as we set out to represent our neighbors here in the North Country.

It's amazing how quickly things quiet down after an election. Back at home in Elizabethtown, things are getting back to normal. The TV ads have stopped (thank goodness). The lawn signs are coming down. And there's a whole lot more time to spend with my wife and daughter.

But most things haven't changed at all. The issues that matter. The values we stood for. The spirit of hard work and independence that defines our region and called me to serve. None of that has changed one bit.

It's why I'm proud to call the North Country my home.

My opponents ran strong campaigns, and I wish Elise Stefanik the best in Congress. We've enjoyed extraordinary representation from thoughtful, moderate and dedicated voices like Bill Owens and John McHugh, and I hope Elise Stefanik will continue that tradition in the years ahead.

Our community deserves nothing less. And I won't hesitate to call on you to ensure that's exactly what we get.

In the meantime, I'd love to stay in touch -- please join me on Facebook and we can continue the conversation.

Thank you - again - for everything. I'll see you around town.

All the best,

Aaron Woolf

Posted on November 5, 2014.